A Luxury Rehab Center by Pax Prentiss

Here we will review about the luxury drug rehabilitation center owned and does it really satisfy the cost that are paid. This center was specially designed in a way to treat people in a world class manner. It includes state-of-art programs, sophisticated living rooms, and breath-taking view point with the specialized team to treat people of all communities. As per the information in the past, Pax too was addicted to drugs and alcohols. He went to many rehab centers and tried lots of thing to get out of addiction but nothing worked really. At that time his father Chris Prentiss was not satisfied with treatment programs conducted in various centers. So, his father Chris began to treat his son with all his experience put together and it finally worked well. Pax insisted his father Chris to start a center on their own to treat people with unique programs. That’s how they began this center, Passages Malibu in 2001.

Passages Malibu is a luxurious rehab center located on the foot hills of Malibu. Campus is 10-acre widely spread with all amenities included. Due to its fabulous infrastructures, people of wide range get treated in this center. Right from many rich peoples and people with standard income gets treated in this center. As per the news, many celebrities also get treated often in this luxurious center. This campus is designed with lots of features like modern gym, meditative koi pond, tennis court, swimming pool; massage room, yoga building and nutritional food prepared by specialized chef.

Pax also started another center Passages Ventura, which is situated on Port Hueneme, California (few miles away from Malibu). As per the information speculated, it is touted to be less expensive center. There are much hyped rumors about its cost for treatment, more importance for treating rich people and non-refundable scheme for people checking out in between the treatment plan. All these rumors being spread but there is no record of such practices in this center. In spite of these rumors large number of people do get treated in this center for the last ten years.

Well renowned magazine mentioned this center as ‘one of the luxurious place to dry out’. People who get treated in this center do say like – it is a Palace in the foothills. Thus makes it one of the luxurious rehab centers in the nation.