Is Pax Prentiss Arrested in California ?

The news spread like a fire regarding Pax Prentiss arrested in California and is it true? This news is completely a rumour and  no issues happened with the CEO of Passages Malibu. If a person of this high society is to be arrested then there should be necessary documents and proof to put him in prison. There is no any judgements made like that and even from any kind of law suit against this rehab center run in Malibu.

It is not easy to run a business like drug rehabilitation treatment or any addiction recovery services, because it may lead to such kind of issues like Lawsuits and other legal problems. So many of them even wonder whether the news of arrest of pax prentiss is really happened because of some scam of drug addiction treatment and people then want to believe this kind of story.

Pax Prentiss scam is also a kind of fake news just created to spoil his name and the profitable running business in Malibu. There are other drug rehabilation centers in California which do not have this much issues as Passages Malibu has. This is one of the luxury rehab center with so many programs like detox, addiction treatment and also alcohol recovery services. These kind of variety services and advanced luxury treatments will lead to these rumours like getting arrested and kept in Jail kind of things.

This is not only with the Pax Prentiss alone but also his father Chris Prentiss who is also got under a scam and people want to know whether they are fraud and the secret news that is hidden behind the rehab center running in Malibu and Ventura. But for the update there is no any issues like arrest and also the business is running clean along with other luxury rehab programs like cliffside and Promises who are also gaining good positive reviews day by day.



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